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Business and Investor Public Support for Climate Transition Policy: Creating a Mandate for Action


Business and investor support for action play an important part of “why” this policy response is likely to emerge over the next 6 years. These give an economic and market mandate to policy makers for action. This support remains significant for policy makers seeking a broad mandate for action even though some companies have also participated in activities or g

roups not aligned with a rapid climate transition. The official position of business have typically been signed off at executive level, and are motivated by the substantial stake the companies have in the climate transition and the nature of the policy response. For many businesses the positions represent a long-term strategic outlook that recognises the impact that a disruptive policy transition to address climate change would have on future growth and performance. In addition, they represents commitments in which companies stake their reputation and to which they hold themselves publicly to their key stakeholders.

This study involves a unique meta-analysis of 2,490 corporates who have expressed public support for the climate transition. It draws on a range of online portals that record various aspects of this support, and includes many of the world’s most significant companies and institutional investors.

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